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Photograph by Margaret Smith

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Members of The Trumpeter Swan Society receive the member newsletter, Trumpetings, to keep them updated about their donations at work
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Trumpetings is the Society's member newsletter which we issue three times per year. It contains articles and updates from across the continent to keep you informed about the latest developments and progress your gifts support.

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  • Thanks to you, swans have western habitat that has been restored; Symposium & Conference: Swans, Snow, Science- you made it a reality; It's Trumpeter Watch time!; Thank you for raising funds for healthy wetlands; Will you be a Valentine for a swan?

  • You tracked Midwest swans in new places; Your Oregon update; Your 2021 Annual Report- How you helped Trumpeter Swans; Become a monthly Swan Sustainer

  • Thanks to you, 3 Arkansas swans are being tracked; The passing of Harry Lumsden; You're invited to the Swan Conference; Tracking wintering Oregon swans; Western swan travels; Swan health update from Washington; You raised fund for genetic testing of swans; Your help is needed for education booklets


  • An amazing Midwest swan journey; You helped Trumpeter Watch record long distance swan travels; Oregon Restoration Project: Progress and setbacks; Answers from Yellowstone National Park- thanks to you!; A new swan record at Yellowstone National Park; Other ways you can help swans; Become a monthly Swan Sustainer

  • You kept Trumpeter Watch strong; You tracked Midwest swans; The importance of molting; Your 2020 Annual Report- How you helped Trumpeter Swans; Become a monthly Swan Sustainer

  • Oregon Project Update; Lead poisoning remained a serious issue in the Pacific Northwest; Surprising movements of western swans!; You tracked Midwest swans; Trumpeter Watch- Thank you!; Ontario Swan Update; Become a monthly Swan Sustainer


  • New information about swan tracking; You tracked Midwest swans; Red Rock Lakes GPS swans are on the move!; Oregon Project update- "gone missing" but finding love?; The passing of 'Grace"; Trumpeter Watch- thank you!; Member corner: Kimlinh Bui, Jim Gloe

  • Migratory Bird Treaty remains intact; You can track Midwest swans right now!; Ohio swan tracking gets boost from zoos; You are tracking swans in the west; You are keeping Trumpeter Watch strong during COVID-19; 2019 Annual Report- How you helped Trumpeter Swans

  • You will be tracking swans in the West and Midwest; Speaking up for swans (including Flyway updates); Swan Hunt public comments; Oregon Project swan travels and releases; Swan health partnerships in the NW; Board member updates; 25th Swan Conference; Trumpeter Watch highlights; Member Corner- Homesteading Swans


  • Telling the story. Investing in the future; "Return of the Trumpeters" Film Project; Helping swans through the North American Swan Fund; Other ways you can help swans

  • 2019 is banner year for OR cygnets; 25th Swan Conference- Register today; News from Yellowstone National Park; Swan research begins in Yellowstone National Park; GSM tracking project begins in Idaho and Montana; 2018 Annual Report; "How Grace Got Her Name" book

  • 25th Swan Conference- Save the Date!; The legacy of Rodney "Sky" King; SE Idaho Complex begins swan study with your help; Swan health partnership continues in Pacific Northwest; Oregon Restoration Project: tracking wintering swans; Trumpeter Watch highlights; Flyway meeting updates


  • Celebrating 50 years of swan conservation; Iowa swan tracking project update; Trumpeter Watch needs your help; TTSS earns Guidestar Gold Seal; Update from Oregon; 25th Swan Conference will be held in Missouri; My Swan Story: Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Ontario, Alaska, Yukon, Wisconsin, Washington, Michigan

  • Flash! Swan Updates; Gifts help long term swan conservation; New TTSS website; 2017 TTSS Annual Report; Ways you can help TTSS and enhance your tax deduction

  • Changes in Migratory Bird Treaty Act weaken bird protections; Setbacks and success in Oregon; Iowa swans do "meet and greet" in Iowa and Arkansas; Wintering swans in the Pacific Northwest; New swan sightings from Trumpeter Watch; TTSS welcomes new board members


  • Proposed Tundra Swan hunt changes may impact Trumpeter Swans; Ontario swans reported in 15 states and 3 provinces; Nesting swans return to North Dakota; Updates from Oregon and Wyoming; Iowa GPS research project; Yukon's 'A Celebration of Swans"; TTSS supports winter swan habitat in Washington

  • US Senate Bill 1514; Indiana has first nesting pair; This year's Junior Duck Stamp; Board and staff updates; William Sladen's legacy; Updates from the Rocky Mountain Population and Iowa; 2016 Annual Report; "A Great Big Love", Updates from Flat Ranch (Idaho) and the Oregon Project

  • 24th Swan Conference Highlights; 2015 North American Trumpeter Swan Survey; Update on "Hope" the injured Oregon swan; Iowa celebrates swans at the Swan Soiree; New swan sightings (Trumpeter Watch); Swan research projects; "Make the Pledge" to keep wildlife safe

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