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The Trumpeter Swan Society is located in Plymouth, MN. Our mission is to assure the vitality and welfare of wild Trumpeter Swans

Photograph by Eileen Sabes

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Photograph by Art Wolfe

The Trumpeter Swan Society office is located in Plymouth, Minnesota, U.S.A., co-housed with the offices of Three Rivers Park District. Our Administrative Assistant, Rebecca Conser, works there.

Mailing Address:

The Trumpeter Swan Society 
c/o Three Rivers Park District- French Regional Park 
12615 Rockford Road 
Plymouth, MN 55441-1248

Contact Information:

Phone: 715-441-1994

We appreciate your thoughts and questions. Please include your location (state or province) as answers to questions usually depend on the state or province you are in.

No product or service solicitations please.

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If you are reporting a swan and/or also want to send photos, please use our Trumpeter Watch Report a Swan online form. You can also email us and attach photos as well if you have a general swan question.

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