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Check out our United States Swan links for great information about Trumpeter Swans

Photograph by Matt Hegwood. Aerial view of wintering Michigan Trumpeter Swans

Swan Links- United States

Below: States are in alphabetical order



  • Nesting swans are on Silver lake. Harriman State Park is also an important wintering site for Trumpeter Swans.

  • Learn about the park’s role as a sanctuary for nesting trumpeter swans and a crucial wintering ground for Rocky Mountain swans from the USA and Canada.
    • Discover the impact of extreme weather and efforts to rescue and relocate swans during harsh conditions in 1988 and 1989.
    • Learn about vital aquatic foods for swans.
    • Planning a trip? Find out what Harriman State Park and its surroundings offer visitors, just an hour's drive from Yellowstone National Park.
    Dr. Jeff Snyder, North American Representative, Swan Specialist Group; Dr. Gary Ivey, Past President of the Trumpeter Swan Society and Leader of the Oregon Restoration Project; Kyle Babbitt, P&R Ranger-Interpretation/Education, Harriman State Park of Idaho, Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation

  • Information about the status of Trumpeter Swans is found in Appendix F, pages 34-35





  • This article appeared in the Bemidji Pioneer in June 2018.

  • Here is the story about the very beginnings of Minnesota's Trumpeter Swan restoration. It all began in the mid 1960s in Hennepin County Parks, now known as Three Rivers Park District

  • In this webinar recording, you will to gain a deeper understanding of trumpeter swans- how they nest, raise families and pioneer into new areas, AND learn

    • How Hennepin Parks began the state’s efforts and founded the Trumpeter Swan Society
    • How Minnesota created a plan to restore trumpeter swans
    • How Alaska and zoos became key players in the quest for eggs and cygnets
    • How Minnesota trumpeter swans became a national ‘media star’
    • Where Minnesota swans are pioneering into new areas outside of the state that have had no swans for over a century
    • and much more!

    Presented by: Carrol Henderson, Minnesota wildlife biologist and retired MN Department of Natural Resources Non-Game Wildlife Program leader. Carrol Henderson has been involved in the restoration of Minnesota swans for 41 years and has lots of stories and information to share.

  • Many of the parks and preserves in Three Rivers Park District have Trumpeter Swans at some point during the year. Call to find out where they are during your visit to the Twin Cities.


  • Discover the captivating history of overwintering Trumpeter Swans at the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary near St. Louis, Missouri. Dive into their significance in the Mississippi flyway. Learn how swans are monitored and counted at Riverlands and when the best times are to see swans. Discover the broad array of swan programs and experiences offered at this Audubon center to thousands of visitors each year. And much more!

    Tara Hohman, Conservation Science Manager, National Audubon Society: Upper Mississippi River
    Emily Connor, Education Manager, National Audubon Society: Audubon Center
    Tyler Goble, Wildlife Biologist, Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Stewardship Team
    Paul Moffett, Trumpeter Swan Society Member and Monitoring Volunteer

  • The Audubon Center at Riverlands, at the confluence area of the Missouri and Mississippi River near St. Louis, has the largest wintering population of Trumpeter Swans outside of Minnesota. The Center's Great River Trumpeter Watch, started in partnership with TTSS in 2011, tracks wintering swans including marked swans.

  • Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge has several hundred wintering swans each winter, sometimes numbering over 1,000.





South Dakota

  • Lacreek NWR began the first restoration of Trumpeter Swans in the Midwest, beginning in the 1960s. Their original swans came from Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. The descendants of the Lacreek flock are now the High Plains Flock and extend as far south as Nebraska




  • "Educating One Pond Owner at a Time"

  • Discover the rich history of trumpeter swans in Yellowstone, a haven celebrated for its unique geothermal wonders and charismatic wildlife. Journey through the ebbs and flows of swan populations within the park, from their flourishing numbers before the 1960s to the challenges faced in recent decades.

    Learn about Yellowstone's proactive conservation strategies and ongoing research endeavors aimed at ensuring the enduring presence of the iconic trumpeter swan within its boundaries.

    David Haines, National Park Service, Yellowstone National Park
    Douglas Smith, National Park Service (retired), Yellowstone National Park

  • Powerpoint presentation created by David Lockman of one of the first range expansion project for the Rocky Mountain Population of Trumpeter Swans conducted in Wyoming in the 1980's. This is a presentation he gave on April 21, 2022 to the Star Valley Historical Society in NW Wyoming

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