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Photograph by Margaret Smith

2021 TTSS News Archive

News Highlights from 2021

OREGON: With a crowd of onlookers on hand, a new adult female trumpeter swan was released onto Lake Aspen in Sunriver Wednesday afternoon, a special pre-Valentine's Day arrival and gift of sorts for another swan who recently lost his mate.

The new swan is intended to be a mate for Gus, the resident male swan whose previous mate, Grace, died in October. The pair of swans is cared for year-round by Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory and is a part of Oregon’s Trumpeter Swan Restoration Program. Read more...

MINNESOTA: Two state lawmakers from Maplewood, with the strong support of north metro watershed districts, have again introduced legislation to remove toxic lead from fishing tackle...Two Maplewood DFLers, Sen. Charles Wiger and Rep. Peter Fischer, introduced bills in January to ban the sale and use of lead fishing jigs and sinkers...According to one estimate, as many as 25% of loon deaths nationally are caused by lead poisoning, Amoth said. While finding a large dead swan in a popular suburban park is sad and memorable, it's just a small example of the death toll. Read more...

MISSOURI: "Trumpeter swans, once nearly extinct in the lower 48, now winter at the confluence by the thousands. The continent's biggest native waterfowl has been flocking to Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary—and winning a fanbase." Read more...

OREGON: "The most prolific trumpeter swan pair in Oregon’s breeding program experienced a tragic turn of events Saturday when the male, Pete, died from a bacterial infection. Pete and his mate, Eloise, produced 15 young at Sisters golf course that were released into the Oregon wild." Read more

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