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Educational Activity Books!

Kindergarten-Grade 2, and Grades 3-5

With these fun and educational activity books, a young child will learn about trumpeter swans and their wetland home!

The books are based on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and is designed for classroom learning too.

Kindergarten-Grade 2: "Nature Explorers" explores the world of trumpeter swans. Learn about their large size and spring and fall migrations. Discover their adaptations and what makes a healthy wetland home.

There are QR codes to listen to the sounds of trumpeter swans, watch them fly in and land, and see a trumpeter swan family.

Grade 3-5: "Trumpeter Swans- How Can I Help?" explores the many ways people help swans and their habitats. Meet the people who take care of wildlife, study birds, keep water clean and stop flooding, have fun programs at zoos, design collars that track swans and more!

Solve the Maze of Dangers, track a swan, do a Wetland Word Search and much more!

There are QR codes that will take you to lots of fun videos and web pages to learn even more!

"Answer Keys" can be downloaded separately.

These books were designed exclusively for the Trumpeter Swan Society by Peppermint Narwhal.

Download "Nature Explorers" Book for K-Grade 2! Click the Picture

This is a large 7MB pdf.

(To download a two page spread of K-2 Nature Explorers, CLICK HERE)

Below: ANSWER KEY to Grades K-2 Nature Explorers

Looking for a gift to give along with the book to your special child or a family that loves swans (or yourself!) ? Check out the Swan Family magnet, glitter sticker and bumper sticker featuring the cover design!

Purchase the exclusive magnet, glitter sticker or bumper sticker to share.  The glitter sticker is dishwasher safe (perfect for water bottles and cups), adhesive (perfect for book covers, notebooks, even laptop covers) and weather-resistant.  The bumper sticker is removable, weather resistant and easily cleaned.

Download "Trumpeter Swans - How Can I Help?" Book for Grades 3-5

Click the picture

ANSWER KEY to Grades 3-5 "How Can I Help?"

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