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The Trumpeter Swan Society's programs span across North America

Photograph by Kim Stevenson

The Trumpeter Swan is North America's heaviest flying bird and one of its rarest. It embodies grace, beauty, and unspoiled wildness.  It is the crown jewel of healthy wetlands.

The mission of The Trumpeter Swan Society (TTSS) is to assure the vitality and welfare of wild Trumpeter Swans.

TTSS has been North America's leader of Trumpeter Swan conservation since 1968. Our programs span across North America and its four Flyways.

Our donors and supporters make our many programs possible.  From restoration and swan management, to advocacy on behalf of swans, their health, and securing swan habitats, we work with many partners on your behalf.

Thanks to our donors, we coordinate North American efforts in the restoration and secure establishment of migration routes and wintering areas of Trumpeter Swans.  We provide expertise on Trumpeter Swan biology, habitats, and any issues that may have impacts on Trumpeter Swans and associated habitats in North America. We support research by biologists and also our citizen science project, Trumpeter Watch.

Thanks to the passion and commitment of people just like you, Trumpeter Swans are back from the brink of extinction and into the wild once again. Learn about how you can help Trumpeter Swans.  Join the movement of passionate people just like you who make sure North America's Trumpeter Swans are restored for future generations.

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