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You can find links to swan information for all of North America and even International links at The Trumpeter Swan Society website

"Now with an extended scooping movement the head becomes immersed for a moment, and with a sudden effort a flood of water is thrown over the back and wings, when it is seen rolling off in sparkling globules, like so many large pearls.The bird then shakes its wings, beats the water, and as if giddy with delight shoots away, gliding over and beneath the surface of the liquid element with surprising agility and grace. Imagine, reader, that a flock of fifty Swans are thus sporting before you, as they have more than once been in my sight, and you will feel, as I have felt, more happy and void of care than I can describe.” ~ John James Audubon

Photograph by Margaret Smith

Swan Links

Since 1968 our staff, board and growing public membership have worked together to provide input on every significant management issue for Trumpeter Swans. We have a lot of in-house expertise and we network throughout the continent to build strong partnerships and share our expertise.

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Please visit our Swan Identification section for detailed information, photographs, and additional identification links.

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