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Helping Trumpeter Swans for more than 50 years thanks to people like you!

The Trumpeter Swan Society (TTSS) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1968 and dedicated to assuring the vitality and welfare of wild Trumpeter Swans. 

We are the only non-profit organization working for Trumpeter Swan conservation across North America.

You're invited to explore our website. See the impact you too can make for Trumpeter Swans.

News & Notes

WISCONSIN: At the 2021 Wisconsin Water Week, Sumner Matteson who led the state's swan recovery program, gave this excellent hour long talk. Climate Change and Charismatic Birds, the trumpeter swan restoration program. A celebration of unique private/state partnerships featuring an exploration of the history, challenges, and development of Wisconsin's Trumpeter Swan Recovery Program spanning the end of one century and beginning of another. Watch the video...

WISCONSIN: Cable Natural History Museum Naturalist Emily Stone takes a northwoods journey. It includes an encounter with trumpeter swans, "Splashing came next- the sound of huge, webbed feet down a 100 yard runway, and finally the rush of air through feathers as the displaced pair appeared over the top of the trees. Having cleared that obstacle, the swans stopped flapping, arched their wings and glided down toward a dark lake before sending up a line of glittering spray. Silence descended as the moon rose." Read the article

US Fish and Wildlife Service: Minnesota Artist Joseph Hautman Wins 2022 Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest. Hautman’s acrylic painting will be made into the 2023-2024 Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp, or “Duck Stamp”, which will go on sale in late June 2023. The Service produces the Federal Duck Stamp, which sells for $25 and raises approximately $40 million in sales each year. These funds support critical conservation to protect wetland habitats in the National Wildlife Refuge System for the benefit of wildlife and the enjoyment of people. Read more, see the image

WISCONSIN: The restoration of trumpeter swans to Wisconsin is a fascinating story. Read more...

ONTARIO: Swan C70 was adopted by the Friends of Wye Marsh earlier this year and, in honour of the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II ascending to the throne, she was given the name Elizabeth. A letter was sent to Buckingham Palace during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee to inform the monarch of the swan’s adoption.Wye Marsh Executive director Kim Hacker signed the letter to the Queen, and this week the Wye Marsh, much to its surprise, received a response.

“The Queen was touched to see the photograph of Elizabeth, the splendid Trumpeter Swan you have named after her Majesty to mark The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee milestone,” replied lady-in-waiting Annabel Whitehead. Read more...

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