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Discover the fascinating stories of efforts across North America to bring back the Trumpeter Swan to areas where it was missing for decades

Photograph by Margaret Smith

Swan Library - What's Inside

We're delighted to share a selection of papers and articles about Trumpeter Swans.  They will take you on a journey of discovery and you will meet the people and their efforts behind the return of the Trumpeter Swan to North America. 

  • This page has a selection of research from various states and shares the stories of a particular region's efforts. There are also some interesting "odds and ends" you may enjoy.

  • Since our first Swan Conference in 1969, we have brought together researchers, field biologists, agencies, and people who have a love of Trumpeter Swans. Our Swan Conferences shared the "how to" of bringing back a species from the brink of extinction. The sharing of the latest information about swan behavior, what works and doesn't work in restoration, and so much more was behind the great success of bringing back the Trumpeter Swan after a century of absences.

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