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Check out our International Swan Links for information about the world's seven swan species

Photograph by Margaret Smith. Whooper Swan

Swan Links- International

The International Swan Specialist Group issues a newsletter, "Swan News" filled with the latest research about the world's swan species.

  • RESEARCH PAPERS AND PROJECT: Preliminary results of the international Bewick’s Swan age coun; Do neck collar trackers affect survival in Bewick’s Swans?; The re-establishment of Trumpeter Swans in northwestern Montana; Trumpeter Swan recruitment and remige moult in the Sandhills of Nebraska; Incubation behaviour and genetic attributes of Trumpeter Swans restored to Grays Lake National Wildlife Refuge; Mute Swan population recovery following the regulation of lead use in angling; Lead poisoning from lead shot ingestion in Snoqualmie Valley, western Washington State; EXPEDITION REPORTS: Bewick’s Swans in Turkmenistan; PAPERS: Are swans crashing into airplanes?; No food shortages for Bewick’s Swans in Britain; NEWS ITEMS: North American Waterfowl management plan updated; Eight states sue over Migratory Bird Treaty Act memo; Canada proposes migratory bird regulation updates; Proceedings of the 6th International Swan Symposium: OTHER: In memoriam: Sjoerd Dirksen, 1959 — 2018; Rodney Jacob King, 1945 — 2018; Dr Aivar Leito, 1954 — 2018; Wes Halton, 1953 — 2019; Recent swan literature

  • RESEARCH PAPERS AND PROJECTS: Bewick’s Swans and their winter food resources in southeast England; Non-native Mute Swans at Chesapeake Bay Maryland, USA; Tracking movements of Trumpeter Swans in Iowa, USA; Spring ice conditions at Swan Haven, Yukon, Canada: is there change in the past 30 years; Comparing manned aerial surveys and unmanned aerial systems for Trumpeter Swan nest surveys
    EXPEDITION REPORTS: Bewick’s Swan ringing expedition to Arctic Russia; Observations of Bewick’s Swans in Greece and Turkey, southwest Siberia, Russia; Whooper Swans foraging on fruit in Japan; Championing Bewick’s Swans in the Russian Arctic Tundra Swans and alternative energy development on Lake St Clair, Ontario, Canada
    OTHER: US Department of the Interior legal memorandum changes interpretation of “incidental take” in Migratory Bird Treaty Act

  • RESEARCH PROJECTS AND UPDATES: Nest/egg temperatures in relation to Trumpeter Swan cygnet survival;Trumpeter Swan research in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem; The 2015 North American Trumpeter Swan Survey; Trumpeter Swan Survey: Rocky Mountain population, U.S. Breeding Segment, fall 2016; Refuge notebook: where do our Trumpeter Swans go in the winter?; Lifetime reproductive success for Trumpeter Swan No. 9; Population trends for the Black-necked Swans of Carlos Andwater Sanctuary (Rio Cruces) southern Chile; Effects of water levels on habitat selection by foraging Whooper Swans; Impacts of lead on the body condition of wild Whooper Swans; Are swans more aggressive than other waterbirds?; Bewick’s Swan Expert Group Update; Bewick’s Swans migration in relation to wind farm location: results of the tracking study; Flight of the Swans Survival rates of the northwest European population of Bewick’s Swans
    PAPERS: Swans killed by poison in China; AMBASSADORS FOR CONSERVATION: how swans engage communities in caring about nature and conservation
    NEWS ITEMS: Trumpeter Swans featured on U.S. migratory bird hunting stamps (“Duck Stamps”); Mute Swan management in New York, USA; Use of high resolution satellite imagery for nest censuses; Tundra Swan identification by behavior; Lead poisoning of swans in North America; Max Planck Institute for Ornithology: Animal Tracker

  • RESEARCH PROJECTS AND UPDATES: Bewick’s Swan breeding success in a changing environment; The odyssey of the Bewick’s Swan — another route to Greece; The Bewick’s Swan is a paradox; Density-dependent mechanisms at the peak nest density of Bewick’s Swan population in the Chaun Delta, Chukotka, Russia; Flight of the Swans; Bewick’s Swan Expert Group: feedback to AEWA, spring 2015 PAPERS: Black-necked Swan Cygnus melancorphus: Is there any evidence that it ever occurred in Paraguay?; Wintering swans in Krasnodar Province, Southwestern Russia
    NEW ITEMS: Observation of a Tundra Swan in West Chukotka; First arrival at Slimbridge sets new record!; A note on swans colliding with aerial wires [Power line collisions]
    In Memoriam: Winston E. Banko, 1920—2016

  • No. 11
    Fifth International Swan Symposium; Development and implementation of the AEWA Bewick’s Swan Action Plan; Bewick’s Swan National Action Plan for Estonia; Lead poisoning from lead ammunition: global policy update; International Bewick’s and Whooper Swan Census in northwest Europe; Tracking Whooper and Bewick’s Swan migration; Trumpeter Swan recovery planning and management in Alberta, Canada; Behaviour of Trumpeter Swan families post-hatching; Incubation behaviour of Trumpeter Swans at Grays Lake National Wildlife refuge, Idaho, USA; North American Trumpeter Swan Survey 2015; Historic distribution of swans in North America: part 1, historical records
    In Memoriam: Andres Kuresoo: 1954–2014

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