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The Trumpeter Swan Society has expert swan knowledge. Check out how our donors are helping to learn new science-based information about Trumpeter Swans. Check out our decades worth of swan information shared in our Swan Conferences

Photograph by Margaret Smith

Education and Research

Gaining and sharing knowledge about Trumpeter Swans were goals of The Trumpeter Swan Society's founders fifty years ago.  The first Swan Conference was held in 1969, just one year after TTSS was founded.

Restoring a species that had been missing for decades was a learning process and started from the ground up. TTSS founders had the vision and determination to bring together waterfowl experts, researchers, and managers to share their research and experiences through our Swan Conferences. The Conference abstracts and papers contain the fascinating history and stories of what was being learned about Trumpeter Swans as it was happening.

Take a walk back in history. Explore the papers and abstracts from some of the past Swan Conferences. Want to learn more? Check out the Index of North American Bulletins. You can purchase past proceedings of Swan Conferences.

Discover the fascinating and inspiring stories of trumpeter swans across North America through our Webinars.

Swan research continues. TTSS established the North American Swan Fund to help fund research, habitat protection and public education.  The "Current Research Projects" are supported through the North American Swan Fund.


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