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The Trumpeter Swan Society works on swan health issues, including lead poisoning and powerline collisions

Photograph by Margaret Smith

Above: Lead poisoned adult swan at the far right at the snow bank.  Note its drooping wings and isolation, compared to healthy swans on left. Here's "The rest of the story." Within a minute of the photo being taken, the sick swan was unable to hold its head up.  Its head fell face first into the snowbank.  It struggled to lift its head out of the snow, then curled its head and neck onto its body.  It died later that day.

Swan Health

Thanks to your support, we continue our decades long work on swan health issues.

A variety of "diverters" offer utility companies options for preventing bird collisions. Contact APLIC (Avian Powerline Interaction Committee)

Two major sources of swan deaths are powerline collisions, and lead poisoning through ingestion of lead ammunition and lead fishing tackle.

We work with utility companies to safeguard swan flights over power and transmission lines, by advocating "marking" the lines with diverters.  Diverters help birds see powerlines sooner and avoid collisions. 

We also advocate to keep transmission lines from crossing important bird migratory corridors. If you need assistance working with your local utility company to mark powerlines where swan deaths occur, please contact us.

Keep wildlife safe by switching to non toxic fishing tackle and ammunition

For decades we have been working on swan mortality issues in the Pacific northwest, notably Washington and British Columbia.

One particular swan health project is Judson Lake which straddles the border of Washington and British Columbia.  It is an important wintering site for many Pacific Coast Population swans. Judson Lake has a known lead "hot zone" that has been responsible for hundreds of swan deaths. 

We have worked for many years with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, University of Washington, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Canadian Wildlife Service to reduce swan deaths there.  Watch a video of swan monitoring in action!

We work across North America on swan health issues. Our efforts include public education, presentations, working with partners to raise awareness about swan and waterfowl health issues, and much more.

Learn more about lead poisoning.  Be informed. Spread the word to keep wildlife safe.

Keep Wildlife Safe using non lead tackle and ammunition

You can help!

If you or someone you know hunts or fish, please switch to non lead products.

Your donation to Adopt A Swan, and Lead Poisoning-Get the Lead Out will be used to to protect swan health.


Lead tackle kills waterfowl.  Switch to non lead fishing tackle

Keep wildlife safe. Switch to non toxic fishing tackle. Keep lead out of our waterways.

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