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Photograph by Margaret Smith of swan cygnet being released after being collared in Iowa "Track A Trumpeter' project.

TTSS supported Swan Research Projects

Our North American Swan Fund supports swan research

Over the years, many of our members have donated to our North American Swan Fund. You can too!

The Fund was set up to fund research, education, and habitat protection and improvement for the benefit of Trumpeter Swans.

It has been used for many projects since it began.

Recently it was used to help fund the 2015 North American Trumpeter Swan Survey, specifically for Minnesota's survey.

It was also recently used for habitat protection projects in Washington and Idaho.

Thanks to donations to the North American Swan Fund,  The Trumpeter Swan Society is a partner in several swan research tracking projects in the west and midwest.

Your donation to the North American Swan Fund ensures that worthwhile projects such as these can continue to be funded.

Below are some research projects currently being funded through the North American Swan Fund.

Multi-state Midwest Trumpeter Swan GSM Tracking

Check out the locations of Trumpeter Swans on the website of GSM/GPS-collared Midwest Trumpeter Swans

Read about the project, watch a video and see photos of swans being collared in this August 2020 article by Brad Dokken in the Grand Forks Herald: "Multi-partner study sheds light on trumpeter swans, a species back from the brink"

Trumpeter Swan issues in Southeast Idaho refuges

Swan research at Yellowstone National Park

Iowa "Track a Trumpeter" Project

Check out the "Track a Trumpeter" website.

  • Learn more about the project, watch videos of the project, and explore the movements of the swans at the online map created by Iowa State University students.

Swan breeding success in the Nebraska Sandhills

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