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Your tax deductible donation will be used to track Trumpeter Swans

Photograph by US Fish and Wildlife Service

Your gift today will put a GPS Trumpeter Tracking collar on a trumpeter swan in December 2021

Make your urgent gift today so a swan that winters in the southern U.S. receives a GPS tracking collar in December.

Here’s what’s happening. Several hundred swans winter in Heber Springs, Arkansas. It is an important southern wintering area. It is not known where those swans spend the summer to raise a family, or where important food and rest areas are during migration. Four tracking collars have been purchased, but your help is needed to put them on the swans.

The Trumpeter Swan Society needs to raise $2,500 by November 30 to put the four collars on wintering swans in December.

Your gift is needed to put tracking collars on four swans, activate the collars, and take blood samples to assess each collared swan's health.  

Will you please make an urgent gift today so four wintering swans receive tracking collars and have their health assessed?

You will also be able to see where the swans are during the year and know you made that tracking possible! All swan tracking is on a public website.    

This is the final collaring needed in the largest Midwest swan tracking project ever done. While more than 100 swans have already received tracking collars, no swans have received collars at one of the most important southern winter areas. Your gift today makes sure that is done!

Yes! I want to make sure a trumpeter swan receives a tracking collar in December!

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Donate with confidence. The Trumpeter Swan Society achieved the Platinum Seal of Transparency (highest level) by Candid – a nonprofit rating organization. Your privacy is important to the Trumpeter Swan Society. We will never share or sell your information to an outside entity.

Questions?  Call 715-441-1994 or email

Your tax deductible donation to The Trumpeter Swan Society will be used in the Trumpeter Tracking project. Funds raised in excess of what is needed will be used in the area of greatest need. The Trumpeter Swan Society is a 501c3 non profit charity.  Donations are tax deductible in the United States to the extent allowed by law.

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