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2011 was a year of progress for The Trumpeter Swan Society


The Trumpeter Swans that nest in the Greater Yellowstone region of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming in and surrounding Yellowstone National Park were the only group that survived in the U.S. south of Canada by 1930 as Trumpeters neared extinction. These Greater Yellowstone swans are one of the best-known icons of North American wildlife conservation and treasured by thousands who read E. B. White's "Trumpet of the Swan" in their school days. Today they are still the only viable nesting group in the western U.S. excluding Alaska. During the past 20 years their nesting effort and adult numbers have declined and these swans face several serious threats. To help solve those problems, TTSS is launching a 5-yr Greater Yellowstone Trumpeter Swan Initiative (GYTSI) to increase nesting success and adult numbers and help achieve the federal and state objectives for these vulnerable swans. GYTSI will provide a means to merge TTSS swan expertise and public energy and resources with agency efforts to make this population secure.

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