Program and Presentations of the 25th Swan Conference

Photograph by Danny J. Brown

Programs and Presentations of the 25th Swan Conference

Discover, learn, experience

The 25th Swan Conference theme is "Swans, Confluences and Rivers... Connecting People."  

Come and get the latest updates about trumpeter swans from across North America from swan experts on Tuesday and Thursday.

Discover the story, both past and present, of the trumpeter swans at Riverlands at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.  Learn how volunteers are tracking swans and how their reports are helping us learn more about Missouri and Illinois wintering swans. Hear the stories and lessons of how trumpeter swans are helping connect people to nature and to the importance of wetland habitat for wildlife and human health and safety. Discover the effectiveness of conservation partners like zoos to promote conservation actions. Learn about health issues swans face and what it takes to treat them.  

You will learn the story of Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and its pivotal role in the come-back of the trumpeter swan. Discover the larger role played today by National Wildlife Refuges providing habitat throughout the year to these magnificent birds. These public lands are wildlife gems in rural areas and near urban centers.

Get up to speed on what's happening across North American for trumpeter swans- successes, challenges and opportunities.  You will learn about the latest swan research projects. Find out what Yellowstone National Park wants to learn about its swans. Learn how Pools along the Mississippi River offer improved habitat for wildlife, including swans, through efforts by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. All that and more! 

On Wednesday, be part of a fun and educational all-day field trip that explores three National Wildlife Refuges, sanctuaries and conservation areas, traveling the Great River Road along the Mississippi River.  The field trip ends at Riverlands Audubon Center with the sunset view of trumpeter swans coming in to roost for the evening. (What better way to enjoy the experience than with the complimentary hors d'oeuvres and beverages provided by our Riverlands host!)

The conference wraps up with a Thursday evening banquet event with live music, an fantastic keynote presentation by famed photographer Danny J. Brown, and a delicious buffet dinner, complete with an amazing silent auction to help support trumpeter swan conservation

For Program Presenters

If you are a program presenter, please submit your Abstract by October 20, 2019.  Conference attendees will receive a copy of your abstract in their program handout. 

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