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A Tremendous Booming Sound!

First sighting April 2, 2023, mid-morning, I believe it was cloudy & in the 40's. I was walking north on our trails, to the hill over looking the marsh & pond. I heard a tremendous booming sound (I never heard a trumpeter swan before) and I thought something was attacking the Canada geese.

When the water came into view I saw 3 large swans flying, diving & splashing in and out of the water -- they were having fun! I viewed them through my binoculars and came back to ID and listen to recordings of Trumpeter Swans - amazing!

They have been here ever since - two for sure. They called for about 10 days - now they are mostly quiet, but I did hear short calls now & then, including this morning.

First time seeing swans at this location - we've lived here 33 years. This morning two were preening and relaxing .... could be nesting but I cannot tell. Both of their necks and head are orange/peach color.

The beavers moving into this area has created an environmental miracle - the water is clear and so many new bird species has moved in.
Our land and our neighbors to the north is a protected conservation easement.

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