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The swan that stole my heart

I have been watching the Trumpeter Swan tracker all year waiting for her glorious arrival. This week MN-4T has arrived. I have seen her today for the first time since she made it. There was a 10 day gap in tracking info, and I started to get worried.  Then she magically appeared on the map on the 28th of November with data going back to the 26th. Now her information has updated and indicates that she arrived on the 23rd. Her last known date in Minnesota/Wisconsin was November 17th. She has quickly returned to some of her favorite lakes and fields/irrigation ditches.  I can include some map screenshots as well as some fuzzy photos of her in her album later this week. Today I found her at 4 p.m. on North Lake in Gobles, Michigan.  She was not alone. She was with another adult Trumpeter swan and 2 cygnets. I am so excited.  I can't wait to update you again when I see her. Hopefully, I can snag better pictures next time. She has definitely stolen my heart. 

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