Swan Information

Photograph by J. Buchanan

Trumpeter Swan Information

Our whole site is packed with swan information, but if you have questions we haven't answered we will try to point you to the right place to find the answers. Of course, if you really want the latest word on Trumpeter Swans restoration and conservation issues, we urge you to join the Trumpeter Swan Society and stay informed and involved.

Don't forget to check out the following parts of our web site:

  • Swan Links
    We have a large and carefully organized list of links that should help you find almost everything about Trumpeter Swans that is available online. We have tried to avoid poorly researched links but be aware that some may occasionally contain outdated or inaccurate information. If you want to see what we consider some of the best links, see below.
  • Swan Identification
    For information on how to identify Trumpeter, Tundra, and Mute Swans.
  • Range Maps
    Maps showing the range and distribution of swans in various areas.

Comprehensive Scientific Information

The most up to date and most complete single sources of scientific information for all three species of North American Swans are the species accounts from The Birds of North America. This series is jointly published by The Academy of Natural Sciences, and The American Ornithologists' Union. Your local library, university, or natural history organization may have a subscription to this series. Single copies of the species profiles for the Trumpeter Swan (No. 105), Tundra Swan (No. 89), and Mute Swan (No. 273) can be purchased from Buteo Books, 3130 Laurel Road, Shipman, VA 22971. 800-722-2460 or 434-263-8671. Cost is $7.50 each, plus shipping and handling. If you want, you can go straight to their online order form for this series.

General Scientific Information

We have tried to provide a good outline of what is available on our Swan Links page. We consider the following list to be the best resources:

  • The Trumpeter Swan (105 kb .pdf)
    This 8 page document written in 1995, includes excellent discussions of basic biology, historic and current distribution with very good range maps, a summary of restoration efforts in the Midwest, and much more. This is publication G3647 of the University of Wisconsin - Extension, written by Sumner Matteson, Scott Craven and Donna Compton. The Society gratefully acknowledges the University of Wisconsin Extension Service for permission to post this document on our web site. The document is in .pdf format and you will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader software to read it.
  • Trumpeter Swan Account from Hinterland Who's Who
    An excellent species account from the popular Hinterland's Who's Who series of the Canadian Wildlife Service (available in English or French). This account was written by TTSS members Rick McKelvey and Len Shandruk. The site also includes an equally good account for the Tundra Swan. Don't forget to check out the rest of this information-packed CWS site!
  • Trumpeter Swan Account — Wisconsin Deptartment of Natural Resources
    A detailed species account with lots of life history and breeding biology information, and lots of background information on the Wisconsin restoration program.