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Trumpeter Swans need your help . . .

Over the past 10 winters more than 2,200 Trumpeter Swans and a few Tundra Swans have died from lead poisoning after swallowing lead shot while feeding in Whatcom County, Washington, and the adjacent Sumas Prairie area in British Columbia, Canada.

Although the mortality has declined in the past three years due to significant management action at Judson Lake on the U.S./Canada border, swans are continuing to die from ingesting lead shot and the problem is spreading south in to Skagit, Snohomish and King counties in Washington. This area hosts the largest number of wintering Trumpeter Swans in the United States. While the wildlife agencies on both sides of the border are working on the problem, they can not do it all.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to raise funds to help better understand and solve this problem as the geographic area where swans are picking up lead shot has expanded. Funding is needed to collect the sick and dead swans to determine the cause of illness or death. Necropsy of these lead poisoned swans helps us glean clues from their digestive tracts regarding characteristics of the ingested lead and other digestive tract contents. We also need to help fund the volunteer expenses for continued monitoring of the collared swans. There are additional needs that will be funded as dollars allow. Make an online donation to our Adopt a Swan program.

Marked Swans

Trumpeter Swans were captured by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife from 2001-2005, with special nets as the swans fed on baited fields. Each swan was fitted with a red or yellow plastic neck band that has a unique number/letter code in white. Some Tundra Swans were marked with black collars with a white code. Each bird also was given a coded aluminum leg band from the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

Since 2005, additional banding of swans has continued in Alaska for other research needs. Some of these Trumpeter and Tundra Swans winter in Washington or pass through in migration. They are marked with blue collars with number/letter code in white. These swans have provided important information in the lead poisoning research and are now part of the volunteer tracking/monitoring program.

You may be able to find one of these swans during the winter in western Washington. When you go out with a spotting scope to swan use areas, look carefully.. Maybe you will find a special swan you want to adopt or you may find the swan you adopted.

The Adopt a Swan Program

YOU CAN HELP by Adopting a Swan that is wearing one of these special collars.

  • We have adoption levels to fit every budget. See below.
  • Adopt a Swan at any sponsorship level, and we will send you an official Adopt a Swan Certificate along with the gift items for that level.
  • You may be able to see your special swan by visiting Washington during the winter months in one of the following counties: Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish and King.
  • You may specify if you want a male or female swan. If you prefer we will assign you one of the marked birds. While we have a list of birds marked from previous years, there will be many new ones marked as more collars and radios are put on swans by biologists.
  • Make an online donation.
  • Download and mail your Adopt a Swan application today!

Adopt a Swan Sponsorship Levels

Adopt a Swan at any sponsorship level, and we will send you an Adopt a Swan Certificate along with the gift items listed for that level. To see color images of the Meger and Hautman prints and Swans of the World, you may visit our Swan Gift Shop.

Platinum Satellite Transmitter Sponsor: $1,000.00

Same as Silver plus a fine art print (33"x 18.5") Fanfare by James A. Meger.

Platinum Radio Sponsor: $500.00

Same as Silver plus Jim Hautman's Spring Thaw-Trumpeter Swan (12"x18" print).

Gold: $300.00

Same as Silver plus A. Lindsay Price's Swans of the World.

Silver: $150.00

Same as Bronze plus a TTSS sweatshirt with a 3-color logo of two Trumpeter Swans flying.

Bronze : $ 75.00

Same as Cygnet plus membership in TTSS and a collectible swan poster.

Cygnet : $1.00 - $50.00

Your name listed as a swan supporter on our website.

Ask your friends and family to Adopt a Swan, too. No amount is too big or too small! Your contribution will help us find the solution to stop the lead poisoning deaths and protect the largest population of Trumpeter Swans in North America.

Please pay either in U. S. funds via check or money order and mail to:
TTSS - Adopt A Swan Program
12615 Country Road 9 - Suite 100
Plymouth, MN 55441-1248

We and the swans say Thank You!