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Helping Trumpeter Swans for more than 50 years thanks to people like you!

The Trumpeter Swan Society (TTSS) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1968 and dedicated to assuring the vitality and welfare of wild Trumpeter Swans. 

We are the only non-profit organization working for Trumpeter Swan conservation across North America.

You're invited to explore our website. See the impact you too can make for Trumpeter Swans.

News & Notes

Webinar: Explore how this park became a vital refuge for trumpeter swans during a period of perilous decline in the early 20th century, with just 70 known individuals remaining in the continental United States by 1933, a substantial portion of which found sanctuary within Yellowstone's borders. Journey through the ebbs and flows of swan populations within the park, from their flourishing numbers before the 1960s to the challenges faced in recent decades.

Learn about Yellowstone's proactive conservation strategies and ongoing research endeavors aimed at ensuring the enduring presence of the iconic trumpeter swan within its boundaries.

IDAHO: "POCATELLO — Zoo Idaho has started a restoration project that will help increase the number of trumpeter swans living in the wild.

Zoo Idaho Superintendent Peter Pruett said the project initially started in 2018. They hoped to be able to start two years ago, but they had to push it back due to rising cases of avian influenza. Pruett said a group of trumpeter swans will come to the zoo in October where they will stay during the winter. They will then be relocated to Oregon the following June." Read more...

MONTANA: "A half-century after the Swan River National Wildlife Refuge was officially designated to preserve this ecologically rich chunk of northwest Montana, local stakeholders have worked to restore its natural state." Read the article and enjoy the beautiful photos and story!

MINNESOTA: "Earlier this year, two trumpeter swans were brought in just days apart to WRC. The majority of feathers on both wings of one swan and half of the other were severely tattered, possibly from hitting power lines, but no one knows for sure. Regardless, not flying means not surviving. It quickly became obvious that "imping" was in order for the swans – which is basically a feather transplant." Read how the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of MN teamed up with the Bell Museum for a 'feather transplant."

YUKON: "The loudest sign of spring in southern Yukon is the return of the trumpeter swans. Thousands take a rest and refuel in M'Clintock Bay. As the CBC's Cheryl Kawaja reports, this year, they're ahead of schedule." Watch the video

OHIO: "Ohio Wildlife Council has voted to remove the trumpeter swan from the state’s threatened species list. The delisting culminates a 28-year effort by the ODNR Division of Wildlife to restore a population of trumpeter swans in Ohio.

Ohio’s trumpeter swan population today stands at nearly 900, with swans nesting in 26 different counties." Read more...

Discover the captivating history of overwintering Trumpeter Swans at the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary near St. Louis, Missouri. Dive into their significance in the Mississippi flyway. Learn how swans are monitored and counted at Riverlands and when the best times are to see swans. Discover the broad array of swan programs and experiences offered at this Audubon center to thousands of visitors each year. And much more!

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