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Celebrating 52 years helping Trumpeter Swans thanks to people like you!

The Trumpeter Swan Society (TTSS) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1968 and dedicated to assuring the vitality and welfare of wild Trumpeter Swans. 

We are the only non-profit organization working for Trumpeter Swan conservation across North America.

You're invited to explore our website. See the impact you too can make for Trumpeter Swans.

News & Notes

ALASKA: (check out the magnificent photos): "A group of at least 13 trumpeter swans and one tundra swan stopped to feed Sunday evening at Potter Marsh in South Anchorage as they migrate south. Trumpeter swans are found in a wide swath of Interior, Southcentral and Southeast Alaska. Alaska trumpeter swans overwinter from Cordova to the Columbia River. Swans often stop at the marsh in the spring and fall on their migration to and from nesting sites." Read more...

ALBERTA: Trumpeter Swan viewing is one of the highlights for a wonderful autumn experience.

MONTANA: "In an effort to better document the expansion of trumpeter, the Tribal Wildlife Management Program of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes annually surveys wetlands on the Reservation to record nesting attempts and production. The Tribal Wildlife Management Program staff is requesting observations from the public of trumpeter swan nesting and production of cygnets throughout our area." Read more...

WISCONSIN: This article highlights efforts in Wisconsin to restore trumpeter swans through egg collection in Alaska and partnerships, the 3 year midwest swan tracking study now going on, and the record 10 cygnets hatched in the town of Minong. Read more...

MINNESOTA: Learn more about the tracking collar project of Midwest swans. This fascinating article also includes video and photos.

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