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“Based on true events this is a heartwarming story of how a beautiful wild Trumpeter Swan became known as Grace, inspired the town, and raised a fine family.  One day while walking along the river birdwatchers saw a swan in trouble. They called the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to come and help her. In this story, you will see how a whole town took an interest in her rehabilitation, and when Grace was eventually returned to the river something wonderful happened.”

Written by TTSS member Alice Elshoff. Illustrations by Jennifer Curtis. This enchanting book has 32 pages including two pages of photographs, perfect for all ages and occasions. Copyright 2018. Hardcover.

Your purchase assures the vitality and welfare of wild trumpeter swans.

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How Grace Got Her Name is an enchanting children's book sharing the real-life story of Grace, the Society's Oregon Restoration Project swan
"How Grace Got Her Name' is filled with enchanting illustrations by Jennifer Curtis

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