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Photograph by Gregory Cook

Share Your Swan Story

Do you have a swan story to tell and memory to share?  Maybe it was the first time you saw or heard a trumpeter swan.  Or maybe it was a swan experience so special, so beautiful, or brought you to tears or laughter and you have never forgotten it.

We'd love to hear your story.

What's your swan story? We'd love to read it

If you would like to share your story with us and all of your fellow swan enthusiasts we have a few different ways that we may share it. 

For example, we may post it on our Blog, our Facebook page, share it in a future Enews, or share it on our website.

Here's the story behind the photo (above). “We just returned late last night from a week in Yukon. The fall colors were extraordinary but so was the trumpeter swan viewing on Dezadeash Lake. Six pairs, sometimes together and sometimes separated. Preening, feeding, resting, paddling around, paddling madly to get in full take-off mode before flying, speaking softly and trumpeting loudly--a fine panoply of behaviors and sounds played out against an overwhelmingly spectacular backdrop of color and Yukon mountains.” ~Gregory Cook

Share your swan story

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