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Washington Swan Stewards

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Felburn Foundation Supports Winter Habitat Protection In Washington


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The Washington Swan Stewards (WWS) is the local branch of TTSS, based in Everett, and is led by former TTSS Director and current Washington Swan Stewards Coordinator Martha Jordan. We serve as a clearing house for swan information and as a resource on matters relating to all wild swans in Washington. We are active on a variety of projects including farmland and wetland conservation, protect and improve swan habitat both in natural wetlands and on agricultural lands where swans feed, assist in finding solutions to conflicts with farmers and swan use, and partner with other groups and individuals on all matters concerning swans and their habitats. We assist agencies with swan population surveys and monitoring swan use throughout Washington. Contact us at: Martha@trumpeterswansociety.org

Felburn Foundation Supports Winter Habitat Protection In Washington

Much of TTSS' work during the past two years to protect winter habitat for the Pacific Coast Population has been funded by the Felburn Foundation. We are most grateful for their generous support. Former Director and Washington Swan Stewards Coordinator Martha Jordan, who lives in the heart of the wintering area, has been leading most of our on-the-ground efforts.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Washington Swan Stewards can use your skills! We are involved in many diverse efforts ranging from monitoring winter numbers and distribution, assisting injured swans, addressing lead poisoning problems, conserving important winter habitat and much more. If you would like to help, email Martha Jordan at Martha@trumpeterswansociety.org


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