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Guidelines for Swan Watching: Skagit Valley

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The Skagit Valley of western Washington is one of the best wintering habitats to see Trumpeter Swans and Tundra Swans. They begin to arrive from their summer breeding grounds in late October or early November and stay through mid-late March. The map shows some of the best areas for finding swans in the valley. Early in your outing, pay a visit to the Padilla Bay Interpretive Center in Bayview, which has wonderful exhibits and great programs. Keep in mind that swans will move from area to area throughout the winter season. The best areas for finding swans are:

Fir Island, northwest of Conway, where you may also see Snow Geese and more Tundras than Trumpeters;

Drive through the main Skagit Valley farmland north of Hwy 20 and west of I-5, and east of I-5 along Cook Road going toward Sedro Woolley. Swans will be in the fields throughout this area at various times during the winter season.


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