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Our native Trumpeter and Tundra Swans are beautiful birds, and people want to see them as closely as possible.

Exercise caution and respect while watching and photographing wildlife-

For species like Trumpeter and Tundra Swans and Snow Geese, continual disturbance during the critical months (winter and spring) can lead to increased deaths from stress-induced disease and can result in nesting failure on northern breeding grounds. Please leave feeding and resting birds alone.


Stay in your car- it is an excellent observation and photographic blind.

Move slowly and quietly - when you do get out close your car doors quietly, do not go far from your car, use it to conceal your movements when possible.

Use binoculars, spotting scopes and telephoto lenses - they allow you to sneak up on wildlife without leaving your car or disturbing their normal activities

Respect private property - do not trespass onto farm fields or other private property to "get a closer look"

Parking to view - When you stop your vehicle, be sure you park in a safe spot and are not causing a hazard to yourself or others.


Use your vehicle as a blind. Camera window mounts are available to put on your vehicle.

Use telephoto lenses. Many areas have stores that will rent you one if you do not own a great lens.

Remember to move slowly and quietly when you do get out. Set up your tripods and gear near your vehicle.

DO NOT FLUSH BIRDS in order to photograph flying scenes! This is stressful for the birds as well as being illegal under federal law.

REPORT VIOLATORS - help your wildlife

Swan shooting: If you see or hear of shooting at swans, IMMEDIATELY call the WASHINGTON STATE POACHING/VIOLATION hotline at 1-877-933-9847.

NOTE: Sportsmen must exercise caution while hunting Snow and Canada geese. Swans may mix with these geese and in the excitement of the hunt, shooting mistakes can occur. Check out our SWAN ID page for helpful tips. Trumpeter and Tundra swans are protected in Washington and many other states.

For additional information on swans please contact the:
Washington Swan Stewards
PMB 272
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